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2013 August

Show posters on the way

I started my love affair with Asheville Community Theatre a few years ago when I worked on the redesign of their website. This year, ACT was looking for a new graphic designer for the 2014 season. They had their eye on a few design firms in town and decided to have a design competition. I submitted the poster below for the play Cabaret, a play set in Nazi Germany in a seedy night club. I chose to use a cropped image of a dancers legs and a spotlight to create a subtle visual reference to the Nazi symbol. This striking poster was selected, and will soon be accompanied by six more posters for next season’s productions.

Eliada Home’s Ribbon Cutting

Eliada Home will be celebrating their new tennis courts with a ribbon cutting on Friday September 13. We worked together to design this colorful invite that will go out to area supporters. The courts are a beautiful addition to the campus.


Branding for Social Change

This year I have been teaming up with FullSteam Labs‘ Jason Johnson to create a new brand identity and campaign materials for the initiative launched by the coalition Wise Energy for Virginia (WEFV). WEFV is committed to securing a clean energy future for Virginia and is launching an initiative for clean energy in the state of Virginia later this year.

This coalition consists of several organizations including: Southern Appalachian Mountain StewardsAppalachian VoicesThe Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN)Sierra ClubSouthern Environmental Law CenterThe Natural Resources Defense Council’s , and Greater Washington .Interfaith Power and Light (GWIPL).

We were asked to create a striking visual brand and style for the release of this initiative that would be polished yet powerful. Knowing that there were a lot of players in this movement, we took a trip up to Richmond to lead a brainstorming session with workshop activities that were modeled after Smart Meme. We looked to build a story based strategy to tell WEFV’s story. Using a strong visual narrative would create a consistent voice while building out their website, brand, interactive presentation and brochure.

Several concepts were brought to the table while designing the brand for the initiative. Starting with the name Blueprint for Virginia and then deciding on New Power for the Old Dominion. Y

I’m excited to bring this design for social change to life. The next steps for Jason, Charles, and I will be to build out the website, brochure, and presentation for the road shows.