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2013 November

Asheville Tech Start Up: LoLo

I was fortunate to collaborate with Pollinate Collaborations on the design and build out of the marketing website and launch campaign for LoLo. LoLo is the digital loyalty program for locals that works like a credit card rewards program. Membership is free and members earn 5% in rewards on every dollar spent. LoLo essentially turns any account-connected credit or debit card into a rewards card, by tracking spending when those cards are used with Asheville participating businesses.


Building a strong brand presence for a startup

The original logo design was evolved to create a circular brand that could be stamped and hung on everything. This modification made the brand flexible for web badges and window clings, while also serving as a strong focal point on posters. The circle itself contains the tagline and the call to action. This is critical information for potential users who might encounter the brand on a window cling or bumper sticker.


LoLo Asheville Web Design

An image is worth a thousand words. When landing on the LoLo website you see a colorful photograph that is full of personality created by the distressed wood striped table. The photograph is memorable and inline with the locally grown style of LoLo, but what is more important is it communicates that the Loyalty

Program is tech savvy and for mobile devices.

Responsive Website with Parallax Scrolling

The rest of the site uses the latest web trends, including parallax scrolling, and a responsive framework. Designing a responsive website for this tech startup was key.

Backgrounds that are static in position give the words a feeling that they are floating over the imagery. The backgrounds of different sections on the homepage were a great canvas to build in branding and colorful imagery. You might have seen this technology in use on the website for Spotify.

Pollinate Collaborations provided guidance and content for the messaging, and this parallax website is the perfect compliment for bringing the content to life. When one scrolls down the page, the LoLo comes to life with small morsels of information that are attractive and easy to read.