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2014 February



Recently FullSteam Labs Saro Lynch Thomason and I teamed up to design a logo for the new Asheville based business Sawtooth. Sawtooth is the latest endeavor from Katie Bray, the mastermind behind Solarize Asheville.  This Asheville-based consulting firm is focused on project management and market innovation in the clean energy sector.

This logo was designed to be clean, modern and bold. Sawtooth will be the umbrella company for many future campaigns. The logo needs to be highly scalable and prominent when reduced down to black and white. The geometric lines are reminiscent of both the Sawtooth Mountain Range where Katie grew up and also the sawtooth solar panel roof line.

branding design asheville

Infographics for Social Justice

asheville infographicsView the entire infographic.

This infographic was created to visually communicate the outcomes and social strategies of Asheville organization Green Opportunities. We worked to combine provocative headlines and simplified graphics to represent the organizations real collected data on their outcomes.

Making Infographics

Last year I joined Jason Johnson (FullSteam Labs) and Billy Schweig (Green Opportunities) in our first team effort to build an infographic from the ground up. Every Wednesday night for a few months, we would collaborate and share sketches over pizza and home brews. A lot of data was collected and distilled down into digestible visual elements to form a narrative for the organization. We couldn’t be prouder of the outcome from all of our number cramming and morsel making.infographics-sketch