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What's New I love to create design that not only looks good, it feels good. Below you can find out about projects and events happening around Asheville.

North of Bali

A few months ago friend and photographer Emily Nichols approached me with the opportunity to design a logo for the organization, Young Cultural Leaders With Spiritual Insight. This organization focuses on providing spiritual guidance and training to young women in the community who can’t afford a to take part in the education system.


original logo


The organization’s leader was able to provide the sketch to the left that of what he was visualizing. He wanted to include two peacock features which culturally communicate success and protection.

I took his sketch and decided that this brand needed to feel more grass roots and organic in appearance. I turned to my sketch book. I digitally enhanced my drawings and provided a tactile background and soft color palette to the symbolism he wanted to include.

I paired the logo with a a crafted logotype that resembles something written by hand.



indonesian girls